It all started when...


I discovered yoga in the ‘90s, searching for a way to strengthen my reconstructed knee and ward off some of the workout-related injuries that had started to plague me.  At the time it just was me and my mat and a few VHS tapes. And while yoga did strengthen my knee and my injuries became less frequent, there was something else about it—I just felt “better” after I practiced yoga. A year or so later I went to my first live class. More years of practice passed and I decided to delve deeper—to learn exactly why yoga made me feel better and how I could share it with others. And so began an intense period of study and training that continues today—and will for the rest of my life.

Along the way I’ve been blessed with amazing teachers who embody different styles and different approaches. Over time I wove pieces together and embraced a mix of what I’ve found to be true for me in my own yoga practice. It’s a mix that evolves every day as I continue my own learning and exploration and teach from a place of deep love and commitment to my own practice.

I’m especially passionate about the therapeutic application of yoga—empowering people to use the deeper tools of the practice as pathways to healing, recovery, greater well-being and more joyous living. I'm excited to be on the pioneering edge of the truly transformative field of yoga therapy, and am personally committed to promoting its adoption into integrative health care.  

My aim is to make yoga accessible for anyone—no matter the circumstances they bring to their mat—and to help students use yoga as a tool for self-realization and to find more ease and joy in life. I encourage students to enter into practice gently, to take and use only what they find true for themselves, and to practice “finding ease within the effort” so that they can do the same off the mat.

Yoga brought me home to myself. It’s given me greater ease and joy in life—physically, but also emotionally and spiritually.  It helps me juggle many hats—spouse, mom, graphic designer, educator, student—with more patience, contentment, humor and happiness. I’m honored to share what I’ve learned, and to support others as they explore how yoga can serve them on their journeys.

With warmth, gratitude,
love and light,