2019 offerings…

Yoga Tools for Sounder Sleep

Saturday September 7, 2019, Unity Yoga, York, PA
11:30 am - 2:00 pm


Find your way back to healthier sleep habits with knowledge and tools to support quality rest! This workshop combines discussion, theory and practices designed to help you examine current habits and challenges surrounding sleep, and explore new perspectives and routines to support a better night’s rest. Participants will leave with...

  • Key take-a-ways from current sleep science and a working knowledge of the sleep cycle.

  • A better understanding of the nervous system and its role in well-being (including quality rest!).

  • Reflections on current sleep routines and habits, and a greater awareness of factors that can impede sleep.

  • Specific yoga tools—including postures and mini asana practices, breath work, stress reduction techniques, mental strategies and Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra—to support sounder sleep.

  • Ideas for new routines to make quality rest a priority and a reality!

Pre-register by 8/24/19: $35
After 8/24/19 $45

Coming soon to PYP Studio in State College…

  • Yoga Tools for Sounder Sleep (Fall 2019, date tba)

  • Heart’s Intention (Sankalpa) with Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra

  • Heart Space and Higher Self: Yoga Tools to Nourish Your Spirit

Past Workshops Include:

  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra (last offered 5/29/19)

  • Heart Space and Higher Self: Yoga Tools to Nourish Your Spirit (last offered 12/1/18)

  • Stress Busters: Yoga Tools to Manage Anxiety (last offered 11/3/18)

  • Massage and Mobilize: Body Rolling Strategies for Self-Care (last offered 10/10/18)

  • Yoga Tools for Sounder Sleep (last offered 3/25/17)

  • Mind-Well Yoga: Yoga Practices to Rewire Your Brain and Take in the Good!

  • Relax into Grace: A Yin Yoga and Yoga Nidra Immersion

Email for additional details or to plan a workshop at your facility.