1-3 PM

Heart’s Intention (Sankalpa) with Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra

Unlike a goal, which is a personal desire to accomplish something, a Sankalpa requires us to turn inward to listen to and connect with our heart's highest intention. In this workshop we’ll discuss and spend time discovering and connecting with your current Sankalpa, then use Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra to nourish this seed of intent and allow it to take root. 

Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra is a contemporary practice grounded in ancient yoga wisdom and meditation that helps turn on the ‘relaxation response’ – the body’s natural healing state. During Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra nothing is required but to lie down and listen. In this inspired, guided meditation you are led through all levels of your ‘self’ to promote deep relaxation, inner peace and connect fully with your Sankalpa, your heart’s highest intention and desired way of being in the world.

Participants will then be offered the opportunity to “stamp” a word or phrase from their Sankalpa/intention on a “What’s Your Word” MyIntent® take-home bracelet (included in workshop price).

PYP Studio, 1748 S Atherton Street, State College, PA
$40 Member  / $45 Non-member

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WINTER 2020 (date tba)

Yoga Tools for Sounder Sleep: Sleep Science + Yoga Wisdom and Practices

Find your way back to healthier sleep habits with knowledge and tools to support quality rest.


Break the “wired and tired” cycle!  This workshop combines discussion, theory and practices designed to help you examine current habits and challenges surrounding sleep, and explore new perspectives, practices and routines that support a better night’s rest. Participants will leave with...

  • Key take-a-ways from current sleep science and a working knowledge of “sleep myths,” brainwaves and the sleep cycle.

  • A better understanding of the nervous system and its role in well-being (including quality rest!).

  • Reflections on current sleep routines and habits, and a greater awareness of factors that can impede sleep.

  • Specific yoga tools—including postures and mini asana practices, breath work, stress reduction techniques, mental strategies, and Divine Sleep® Yoga Nidra—to support sounder sleep.

  • Ideas for new routines to make quality rest a priority and a reality!

Participants can also “make and take” their own custom essential oil rollerball (included in workshop price).

PYP Studio, 1748 S Atherton Street, State College, PA
$45 Member  / $50 Non-member

Past 2019 workshops…

  • Yoga Tools for Sounder Sleep, Unity Yoga, September 7, 2019, Unity Yoga, York, PA

  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, PYP Studio, September 29, 2019, State College, PA

  • Divine Sleep Yoga Nidra, Sol Wellness, April 29, 2019, DuBois, PA

Other workshops…

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